Thursday, 11 June 2009

Greenwich Village Travel Tips – 2009 is a must experience year!

By Jared the tour guide Goldstein, Exclusively for Uncle Sam’s New York

2009 is an exciting year for Washington Square Park and its Greenwich Village neighborhood. The main part of Washington Square Park re-opened in late May after being closed for a couple of years for the park’s first renovation in decades. The 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising this June 2009. The 400th Anniversary of Hudson exploring New Netherlands Dutch Party in September 2009. The 36th Annual Halloween Parade.

After community oversight, some lawsuits, some lost trees, the newly re-opened and redesigned Washington Square Park enjoys increased access to the lovely grass, and pedestrian flow and seating abound in the new plan, which is sort of neo-proto-Vaux. The fountain has been centered behind the Washington Arch. Flowers in beds were abundant and lovely. The old seedy weed dealers were nowhere in sight, but there were plenty takers for chess playing partners just like in "Searching for Bobby Fischer".

The Stonewall Uprising of June 28, 1969 is the touchstone for the Gay Civil Rights movement. The Heritage of Pride Parade will start in Bryant Park at 2 PM on June 20, 2009 and end on Christopher and Greenwich Streets at 6 PM, followed on June 28, by a huge party on Pier 54, the pier which never saw the return of the Titanic. To learn more visit

NYC 400 Week is coming September 8–13, and the New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion, a gift from the Netherlands designed by Ben van Berkel, will be unveiled in Battery Park in late 2009. For more information, visit and search “NYC 400.” To experience Battery Park and environs, take the Alexander Hamilton Financial District Tour.The 36th Village Halloween Parade is a must-experience for all adults, and anyone can march! This Halloween Year will be a haunted Saturday Night!! Don’t come to NYC without a costume, or expect huge lines with picked over selections and put-upon sales clerks who were raised as Marilyn Manson’s kids. Read more about the parade on our older blog post here! To join the parade or the party visit Make your Greenwich Village 2009 plans ASAP, and book the Edgar Allen Poe Greenwich Village Tour now. Get the lay of the land with an expert Uncle Sam’s NY Guide.

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