Wednesday, 17 June 2009

NYC Buses Tips

Using the bus system in New York is convenient and can be very efficient, but there are several things you must know before you take that first step on the bus. released a great guide that narrows down the important tips under 8 essential steps. We condensed them down to 3 so let's quickly run through these...

1. Find the RIGHT bus stop
  • Bus stops are always on street corners and displays a bus emblem and route numbers.
  • Most stops have a "Guide-A-Ride," a rectangular box that displays route maps and schedules.
  • Bus routes are designated by a letter by a number and it is important to take note of the prefixes: "M" buses operate mainly in Manhattan, "B" buses in Brooklyn, "Bx" buses in Bronx, "Q" buses in Queens, "S" buses in Staten Island, "X" buses are Express buses.
2. Getting on the Bus
  • Once the bus arrives at your stop wait for passengers to get off the bus BEFORE you start to get on. Most drivers will enforce this so don't get too pushy.
  • All buses are "kneeling" making them wheelchair accessible.
  • Pay the $2 fare as soon as you get on the bus with either change or your metro card. Bus drivers do not have change and will not accept bills or pennies.
  • If you plan to transfer to an intersecting route, you must ask the driver for a free transfer ticket. Note that the ticket is only valid for one hour in a SINGLE direction.
3. Getting off the Bus
  • Signal the driver to stop by pressing the tape strip located above the windows.
  • When exiting from the rear door, you will see a green light indicating these doors can be opened and are sometimes automatic.
There you have it. If you follow these simple tips you will be able to ride the buses without any problems. If you have an ending address, check out for precise directions made quick and easy.

Please feel free to share any additional tips!

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