Thursday, 9 July 2009

NY Craft Beer Week: because New York City is an amazing place to be a beer drinker

September 11-20, 2009 is the 2nd annual NY Craft Beer Week in NYC where locals are able to appreciate and take pride in the many different varieties of this delicious beverage. The goal of this event is to expose locals and visitors to various local beers and make the experience enjoyable with tons of activities. Some of these activities include tasting new styles of local beers, interactive pub crawls, beer dinners, scavenger hunts, and the Gotham cask ale fest. You can get your NYC Beer Passports in early August and be on your way to collecting stamps at some of the best beer bars in each of the neighborhoods, so don't miss out!. After participating in beer week you'll be an expert on different bars and local beers and will be able to show your friends and families your favorite ones.

For more events, details, dates, and updates on this year's NY Craft Beer Week check out the official site here and be sure to join the mailing list

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